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Banknote quick credit

Good Finance fast loan provider, which grants loans both on the Internet and in cash . You can apply for loans online or at one of the 100 branches throughout Latvia . They are good for you if you do not want fast loans to appear in your loan history and if you prefer to get cash. Good Finance is a Latvian Alternative Financial Services Association, as well as a licensed non-bank lender, which means that Good Finance services are reliable, state approved, and communication with clients meets certain quality standards.

Who can get a banknote quick credit?

To get a loan, you must:

  • be a resident of Latvia aged 20-60 (consumer loan), 20-80 (senior loan);
  • there shall be no delay in the payment of the credit or default on the debt;
  • ID required: Passport or ID card or driver’s license issued by CSDD.

What makes Good Finance different from other lenders?

  • A 30-day loan of up to $ 500 is free of charge (repayable as much as you borrow). Good Finance credit is free of interest if you borrow for a month ;
  • The first loan is free of interest up to USD 500 for 30 days;
  • Available to all residents between the ages of 20 and 80, all they need is an identity document and enough income to get a loan;
  • Can borrow up to three years – borrowing up to 36 months;
  • The loan is without pledge, down payment or whatever – it is guaranteed by the income you provide when applying for the loan. Loans can be obtained during affiliate business hours, which for most affiliates is also Sunday and Saturday;
  • When borrowing in cash, banks have no information that you are borrowing instant loans;
  • The first loan is up to $ 500, and then the credit limit depends on your income.

Why borrow from Good Finance?

One of the biggest advantages of Banknote is that the lender offers a repeated loan at a particularly favorable interest rate compared to other Latvian fast lenders. When it comes to the first loan, it is offered at no interest and for a considerable amount up to $ 500, which, however, depends on the customer’s ability to pay.

As an advantage, Good Finance is positioning you to leave no “footprints” on your loans. This is an advantage, as banks tend to check your credit history when looking for credit, looking for the quick loans you have ever taken, and mention borrowing as a reason to refuse a loan. Thus, with a quick loan – even if you get it honestly – you can ruin your chances of getting a bank consumer or mortgage in the future. Good Finance, on the other hand, allows you to receive and repay the loan in cash (though it may also be by wire transfer, which may “ruin” your borrowing habits in the eyes of the bank). This avoids the above scenario.

Other advantages of Good Finance are the same as those of fast loans. It’s – speed, ease of access (you can sign up for credit online and go to an affiliate to sign a contract). Another significant benefit is interest-free 30-day loans, which you do not need to rely on too, as back in 2013, the CRPC announced that 44% of interest-free borrowers were extending them. So, in fact, with multiple interest-free loans, the statistics aren’t good for you, because sooner or later, one of these loans will turn into a payday loan.

Get a banknote interest free loan

Example: When borrowing a 30 day loan of 500 USDos, the commission is 0 USDos. Borrowing rate 0%. GPL 0%. The total refundable amount is USD 500 if there is no breach of contract.

It should also be borne in mind that Good Finance credit can fall into any of the old “fast credit traps” that are hard to get out of. For example, by extending credit, you are actually getting one more phone bill every month, and when the month finally comes (usually in the winter) when you can’t pay either, you’re suddenly in the big soap.

In any case, while many companies have highlighted themselves as something new in the Latvian fast credit market, Good Finance can really be proud of bringing a fresh breeze to the market – only with the coming changes in consumer lending coming from the ion.